The Crew

David David is a now a Bay local and lives with his wife Helen (see below) and their three boys (Sam, Charlie & Jack) in Tauranga. David turned his back on his mates on the global bond desk so he can work near the beach. Do not ask him about fishing, he’ll go on about it for hours. Also trying to get back into surfing after taking a 25 year break. He once met Donald Trump in a lift and has been credited with helping to cause the Global Financial Crisis in 2008.
helen Helen is a super busy Mum and a keen team member willing to fill-in when the rest of the team is surfing or fishing. Helen users her teacher training skills to keep things organized and running smoothly. A keen interior decorator so expect some of her inspiration to impact the décor over the next little while.  
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 Daphne ( Manager )  joined the team with husband Clive late 2015.  Daphne is pretty awesome, you’ll see.  Daphne and Clive live on-sight in  the Manager’s apartment. Daphne has run Cafe’s, baked cakes and  trained and worked in Social Work.




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Clive is married to Daphne and works in the Golfing industry.  A keen surfer so if you see him around, he’ll tell you where the best breaks are.


sam Sam ( Assistant Trainee Manager ) is new to the team and is keen to learn the motel business. You will usually find him helping out on Wednesday and  Friday. Sam’s main interests are 10 pin bowling, drama and gaming. 
jack  Lastly, Jack ( Trainee Head of Security ) is another new team member you may see walking the Motel perimeter – remain calm if approached and no sudden movements. Currently attends Tauranga Boys College and loves his Lego. Also watches a lot of cop & border control programmes on TV.