Omanu beachBEACH    Our local beach (Omanu Beach ) offers patrolled swimming by the Omanu Surf Club just a short walk from the motel –  see website for patrol times and events.

SURFING   Omanu beach is a popular beach for surfing. It works on all tides with both left and rights, offshore is South to South West winds and being a beach break, it spreads out the crowds so there is usually plenty of waves for all levels of experience. 

Further west along the coast, Tay St and the headlands around Mt Maunganui beaches are popular and can be surfed at all tides.

surfboard roomVisit our surf board room and grab a board,  free  for guests provided you surf responsibly  and  within your limits. (Surf-at-your-own-risk)

 We  have  a selection of mini-mals; thrusters and  boggie-boards available to guests.  

Our Surfing Support Vehicle (SSV) is also available, subject to availability, to transport surfers’ to where the best breaks are at. Known locally as “The Beast“, our SSV can get to most places without any issues.Always a friendly welcome

Nearby, there are also several schools that offer surf lessons including:

For swell forecast click here

You can check the surf near Mount from the real time webcam here