To kick things off, we just took delivery of a consignment of new snug microfibre bed quilts,  new bed scarf quilts, new microfibre dream-ticket pillows ( the really plump 900 grm ones ) and new cuffed and piped pillow slips.  

Next Steps Include:

  1.  Full bathroom upgrade with new cabinets and relined shower units….
  2.  New carpets in bedroom & lounge areas;  restoration of existing native flooring in kitchen and    bathroom areas…..
  3.  New head boards for the beds
  4. New paint 
  5. New light fixtures

The plan is to start at one end of the complex, and work our way down to the other end.   With some help from my mate Snow  ( an Ace plasterer from Taupo ) we hope to get all villas re-vitalised by this time next year – all things going well.


Phew, the Motel is finally starting to empty-out.    A mix of great weather, strong overseas visitor traffic, significant residential building activity and positive net migration into the region were the key factors behind the busy season.    [ We have had so many couples arrive on Friday and depart on Sunday with home-purchase contracts in their hands ]  The no-vacancy sign has effectively been up since September last year !  Compared to the prior year, our forward looking booking calendar looks a lot fuller – so don’t leave it too late before making any 2016 bookings.  


Nico Chan was a greatly valued team member and left us in October to travel and trek down south. Sadly and tragically, while adventuring in Mt Aspiring National park, Niko Chan fell off a lofty peak and left this world. You were kind and a friend to all. We will never forget you.

The old reception, built in 1967, has been de-constructed and a new, open-plan reception is currently being built.  Progress is a little slow because the building boom in the Bay area has made it challenging to co-ordinate tradesmen – a bit like herding cats to be fair.   

Congrats to Nelson Pines Men’s Volleyball team who defended their title for the fourth time.  Great to have the team in residence again.  

Just departed was the girls hockey team from ChCh Girls College – finished the Nationals with an 8th placing out of 30 odd other schools – well done.

AIMs games madness underway in earnest ( kicked-off on 6th Sept) with circa 8,000 competitors in town. In house this week is a great bunch of students, teachers and parent helpers from Monrad Intermediate, Palmerston North.  A tiny school ( with a role of around 250 ) but they tell me they are keen to punch above their weight.